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Hello cupcakes!
R アルファベットO アルファベットS アルファベットI アルファベットE アルファベット here
presenting you with my annual English entry hah

ポイント。 Check this out: My Melody mini tote!3104
I have absolutely no interest in this magazine but oh boy do marketing schemes work on ol' Rosie.
I will buy ANY magazine that has a Melody noveltyうれしい
ah~~ another one to add to my collection. mwahahah

~and some bad news for Fans of NUTS and especially 本AGEHA:
I read on Mixi news that the publisher for these magazines is going bankrupt! なっ・・・なんと!
Ageha sales have especially plummeted this year so its likely to become obsolete! 
As for Nuts, I read that the release of the June issue has been delayed until further notice~
which is a damn shame because former Egg model Manya was debuting in the next issue!
it was pretty sad to  hear the news, being an AGEHA reader since 5 years ago. ムムム
Im not too upset though, since I can follow my favorite models on their crooz blogs and twitter.
With the gyaru fashion and culture changing so quickly I kind of feel that 
 "Ageha style" is kind of dead anyway. むー
Everyones going for the natural (and now cutsey pin-up) style - 
so the agejo style is pretty much extinct. きょうりゅー

3104 In other news! Here are my most recent buys! 3104
Heeeyy remember that one store you used to shop at as a Teenager- Hot Topic?
Yup,  I still go there. I found these cute ミニーちゃんDisney tops!ミッキー
I love the sketch looking designs. Looks more mature. かお
 bought these specifically to wear at Disneyland! 
I really have no interest in either one of these characters.
Im a more of a 
バンビBambi lover haha

My go-to store is Forever 21. I almost never shop anywhere else.
Being a korean company, they get
the latest asian trends
and distribute them while they are still hot!
which is why I refuse to shop anywhere else.OK
トップスI bought high waisted pencil skirt and shorts and this cute daisy knit top  トランクス
(which i totally saw in Chie/Chikas blog so 
of course I had to get it!)

Im so glad high waisted stuff is back!! 
Its especially good for hiding my chubs while i get back in shape! お腹デブ
It also works well with all the crop tops Ive been getting lately! I almost dont have any
non flesh showin tops these days teehee

and now for the soup du jour~~  
I have been stalking this タイTaiwanese brand for about half a year now and I finally got my hands on it!
Ironically, they JUST launched an online shop which offers international shipping to only a FEW
countries (the U.S. being one of them) BUT their payment system is NOT U.S. user friendly
so I had to get someone to physically go an buy these for me~
these are the FREE novelty gifts I receivedにんまり
TWO beautiful catalogs and memo books!

Here's the little thug who stole my heart and ignited this obsession with Major Made.
His name is u BBand hes the cutest damn bear in the world!!ケアベア☆ベッドタイムベア

And heres his lady friend upp. Shes a sassy one.ケアベア☆チアベア
Though Major's got a crap load of awesome wears,
 I was only interested in getting items with these bears on em! 

the sizing for these clothes is sao☆western friendly! Im really surprised! Theyre huge!!

UPP jacket! This was at the top of my WANT list. 
Letterman jackets have never been cuter!

I shat rainbows when I saw this.  お尻虹
Isn't it insanely cute?? メロメロ

Lastly I got a UBB canvas bag. Just look at those cute little hippo teefs!! ひげかお1
Im super happy with all my purchases.
I decided to make a short 映画
video review of the items
 in case someones interested in purchasing from them.
 I will check their website as well to see if theres a way to actually BUY from there!
I'll film the review this week IN ENGLISH 

Heres a Major Made coord I made....majorly.....まるちゃん風
oh god im so lame. Old age is getting to meじゅる・・ばば
ポイント。All non Major Made items are from F21!

P.S. I dyed my hair and extensions purple! 美容室
I was hoping for more brown in there but my extensions ended up turning 
silver with purple streaks 顔に縦線2oh well I still like it! 
I seriously need new circle lenses. 怒 I love these hazel colored lenses (Moe Moe fairy by Vassen)
but i feel that 14.5 is the same size as my natural eye so they don't look big at all!! 
I have to wear 15mm if i want enlargement effect and theres like NOTHING good in that size.カチン
Whats a girl to do? Make fake eye pockets to create the illusion of larger eyes, thats what.うれしい
The puffy eyes is so dead now though~ I need new lenses!!むっ

And that's all folks!
Thank you to all my English speaking readers
who check out my blog despite the language barrier! 

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